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Forbes FAP 8000i, UV and Professional HEPA Air Purifie


Forbes Air Purifier 8000i comes with UV  C lamp technology that eliminates 99% of SARS-CoV-2 Viruses under laboratory test conditions**

  • Comes with UV C lamp Technology that helps eliminate 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses
  • Professional HEPA 13 filter removes upto 99.97% micro-particles such as PM 2.5 and PM 10 (fine dust, pollen and mould spores)
  • Covers an area up to 500 Sqfts*
  • 5 Stages of Purification to esnure you breathe safe air
  • This product comes with PM 2.5 Digital Display
  • The purifier has different color indicators indicating the purity of the air (Blue indicates Pure air,Green indicates moderately polluted air & red indicates extremely polluted air)
  • Carbon Filter reduces smoke,VOC(volatile organic compound) & other related pollutants
  • This purifier controls odour (Foul smell)
  • Includes: Air purifier, filters and user manual


  • Anti Dust Filter

    Magnetic attraction traps dust and danders in the air
    Anti-Dust Filter removes particulate matter such as dust, dirt, pet hair from the air.
    removes microns sized between 10 – 100

  • Deodarization Filter/ Carbon Filter

    Controls Odour and smokes
    Reduces the odours (smell like that from rotten vegetable or paints etc.), smoke and also traps thin carbon particles in the air

  • HEPA – Filter

    Unique HEPA filter stops invisible dust particles i.e. “Particulates or Suspended Particles” up to 0.3 micron size at an efficiency of 99.97%

  • TiO2 Filter

    It comes withTiO2 filter, which creates Photocatalytic reaction eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria present in the air.

  • UV-C Lamp

    Eliminates 99.99% of Viruses and Bacteria
    It comes with powerful UV technology that combines with TiO2 filter and kills the viruses and bacteria present

  • Ioniser Filter

    Maintains freshness of air in the room
    Produces negative ions that not only destroys micro-organisms but also maintains the freshness of the room

  • Warranty

    1 Year


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