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1.5 Ton Inverter : Five Star Air Conditioner


Forbes Inverter ACs have advanced system that ensures your split air conditioner precisely achieves and maintains the preset indoor room temperature. Hence, you enjoy the most comfortable cooling experience even amidst the most extreme summers. Additionally, Inverter technology ensure further increase in efficiency and reduces operative noise as low as a whisper. Forbes Inverter Health Conditioners are the latest evolution of technology that not only delivers cool air but also healthy air. Additionally, the BLDC motors in the Next-Gen Inverter Air Conditioners ensure further increase in efficiency and reduced operative noise as low as a whisper.


  • Activeshield Technology – Eliminates 99% germs to give you healthy & cool air.

  • 100% copper coils – More Reliable. High Durability

  • Blue fins coating – Prevents Corrosion.

  • Self diagnostics – The unit will shut off automatically in case of abnormal operations or failure in parts.

  • Turbo mode – Gives a boost in cooling and cools the room faster.

  • Dehumidifier – AC will efficiently dehumidify the room.

  • Sleep Mode- It enables the AC to automatically increase cooling 1℃ per hour for the first 2 hours, then holds steady for the next 5 hours. This function maintains both energy saving and comfort at night.

  • Eco mode – AC will run into a 8-hour saving mode which cuts 60% energy off against normal mode.

  • Swing Position Memory – Horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time when the unit turned on.


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